Sunday, 20 January 2008

Day 2 of Toe-dipping

Having trouble with the computer today.  Not only am I comparatively illiterate (well, on the computer anyway), but my machine keeps "fritz-ing" out and going insane. Doesn't help!
It's back now, so I'll run with it.  Here's a little pic of a vintage vignette I made this past week-- it's called "Lavender Love."  The postcard valentine in the back says "I've got a room in my heart to rent to you."  I added an old key--can you see the heart-shape of its handle/turner/thingy??  So Cute!  I've got several similar pedestal vignettes in my booth at the local Crafter's Boutique, done in pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. When I refer to my "shop," that's what I'm talking about, at least until I set up my shop on-line.
I also have a shop in my backyard, which I refer to as "Periwinkle, Too."  I am so blessed to finally get my hands on our studio which is attached to our garage, and I've turned it into my shop where I will host "by-invitation" events throughout the year. This studio has been everything over the years, from my husband's music studio to a home for each of my two grown sons, to a dumping ground for all our storage junk.
FINALLY, it has become what I'm SURE it was always intended to be--MINE!!!!!!!
Right now it is stripped bare, because most of my stuff is at the Boutique.  Time to get VERY BUSY, and then I'll share pics of that, too!

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