Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sweet Sunday

What makes this Sweet Sunday?  The fact that it's a 3-day weekend, that's what.  No school on Monday, so daughter and husband (who is a music teacher) will be home with me.  I never get anything done on those days, but who cares.  

We're headed over to our friends' house tonight for dinner and probably a crazy, screaming game of dominoes ( yes, dominoes can get extremely wild when the group is as selfishly competitive as ours is).  This afternoon is a blustery, snowy day, so I think a nap under the afghan is in order.  I can already hear the husband snoring in the other room, so I guess he is a couple steps ahead of me.

Probably no crafting today, but tomorrow I MUST begin to replenish my stock and fill up "Periwinkle, Too!"  Don't wanna be all talk and no action, or I'll be stripped of my queenly title (see caption under my smiling face pic)  Oh, yes-- yesterday was a fun-filled day of junking, which my husband enjoys as much as I do (really!)  I guess I'll take some pics and practice putting them on my blog for you, knowing how much you all love to see each other's booty!  Wait, that didn't sound right-- I meant pirate-type booty, you know, LOOT!  Jeez, I'm in trouble already...

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