Monday, 28 January 2008

Snowing Again

Do you think it's time to take down the Christmas decorations?  But then, it's snowing again, so what the heck.  I can pretend Christmas is still coming, but without all the accompanying stress.
This is our house, which we just re-painted this past summer.  My husband and I did it all by ourselves!  You should have seen us standing on a ladder up on top of the porches and bay window, painting the peaks!  The angels were busy that day!
The house is over 100 years old-- the first known tenants moved in back in 1905.  That was the Daniel Webster family, (the great, great...grandson of the famous statesman, Daniel Webster), so we call it Webster house.  They occupied it for more than sixty years.  Now we get to love it.
A few years back, we had to lift and level the front porch and we still haven't replaced the porch skirting or rebuilt the steps (they will be wooden, like the originals) so that first step off the porch is kind of a doozy.  I'm waiting for the mailman to break his leg and sue us...

These pics were taken long, long ago.  If you look closely, you can see chickens in the yard near the front porch.  This was the first house in the area, with a very large orchard surrounding it as it perches on the top of a hill.  The view of the valley must have been incredible.  

Okay, enough history.  I have more, which I'll add some other time.  Now I need to go photograph some crafty stuff or I'll get kicked out of the "club!"      

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