Thursday, 31 January 2008

Attic Treasures

Want to show you a couple of treasures we pulled out of the attic.  We have a large garage with an attic that was filled with all kinds of junk when we moved in 13 years ago, like an old, oily car engine and other such crap.  There was also a huge stack of old windows and doors that had been in the house at some time over the past 100+ years, plus old wood trim and some furnishings.

This pink door was one of them!!!  So a few years back we pulled it out and mounted it on the wall for a headboard.  Isn't that cool?  I love it.  It's my favorite shade of pink ( I call it '30's pink because it reminds me of that period).          

And see this other pink door (behind the little blue chest)?  It was an old closet door of some kind in the house at one time, but we found it in the attic, too.  And the little blue chest?  Also buried in the attic!  There was one really messed up side-table thing with a door on the front that I gave to my woodworker brother-in-law.  I thought it was hopeless, but he transformed it.  Now I wish I had it back.
The crazy thing is, we have never really gotten to the bottom of everything that's in that attic, so who knows what might still be there.  My mom is a history freak, and she keeps hoping we'll find an old journal or diary, but so far, only wooden treasures.  I'm not complaining, though.  How many of us get the fun of a never-ending attic??!!!

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