Saturday, 26 January 2008

Meet Jack & Boo

I want to introduce Jack to you!  He's a cute little mutt who wandered in on a very cold day recently (Jack Frost is his full name, of course).  He gets along great with our golden retriever, Biscuit-- they love to wrestle and "fake fight,"  as my brother & sister & I called it when we were little fake fighters.  

His only problem is continual POOPING in my house-- I think he waits until he's back inside before he lets it fly-- oh, and he carries strange things around in his mouth-- my reading glasses, a tiny glass Christmas ball, the remote control for the T.V. ... but he's cute.  His older brother, Biscuit, is such a gentleman, we're just not used to this naughty-dog behavior!
The other guy pictured here is Boo, our orange, born-around-Halloween cat with thumbs.  Yes, look closely--we call him "Paddle Paws." My sister is totally grossed out by him, but I tell people he's extremely useful-- he can hold a pencil in his paw and take phone messages for us.
That's a pretty redeeming quality, don't you think?
In this pic, Boo was languishing in the warm sun shining through the bay window one afternoon.  The only thing missing was a piece of paper to lay on-- he much prefers sleeping on paper, ANY paper, especially if you happen to be reading it at the time.  Love this cat.

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