Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Fresh Start

Time to get moving!  Here's a little lovely waiting for a couple final touches before Valentine's Day.  I don't have room for it in my shop yet, so maybe it will grace my own walls this year.  Pink is my absolute favorite color-- well, except for aqua blue, pale yellow, lavender... I wanted to add more pink ornaments to this wreath, but I'm OUT, so there ya have it.  It still works, I think.

I've been running around the house photographing things that need to be put away from Christmas, but the pics all turned out dark and blurry, etc., etc.  I hate being such an amateur pho-tog.  Or maybe its my crappy (?) thrift shop camera?  Actually, we scored a digital camera at the Goodwill that appears to be brand new and in fine working order, for $2.99.  Woo HOO!  Perfect for a goof like me to learn on...

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