Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Spring Can't Come Soon Enough

I'm beginning to grow weary of winter.  I'm an oddball, because I wear flip flops nearly year round even though I live in the Pacific Northwest (you know, snow, ice, freezing temps.).  I'll wear them even in the snow and ice, but I'd rather not!  I just don't like shoes, they make me hot.  Whatever.  Bring on the spring...I'm heading to Shopko for new flip flops.

This is a pretty crappy picture of two little hanging flower baskets I just finished.  I think I'll add a floral scent to them, or lavender, or something.  I know so many people with allergies, I typically never think in terms of scenting my creations, but it seems that FLOWER baskets ought to smell nice!  Hmmm...I'll make some with and some without, for my whimpy friends (that means you, Cindy!)
Speaking of my friend Cindy, she gave me this pretty little sign to hang in my studio.  It reminds me to get busy.  So that's where I'm headed, right now.

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