Thursday, 24 January 2008

Out With the Snowmen, In With the Chicks

Time for these guys to go back in the freezer.  I wish I could keep them out year round-- they make me smile.  It's almost time for these little chicks to come out instead.  I have a TON of Easter/Spring stuff because I did a Trunk Show one April at my friend's gift shop, and then stuffed everything in storage while we dealt with some extreme family issues.  During that time I

was in such pain and anguish for our oldest son, so I quit making all the crafty things and went back to quilting, my longest running hobby.  It brought me a kind of "mindless" peace and solace.
Things are better now (HE is better, too, thank God), and I am back to producing crazy little bits and bobs, overflowing my house and making my husband wish he was a bachelor again.

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