Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Bits and Pieces

"Anonymous" asked me if these were Ralph Lauren curtains.  The answer is no, they say Springs on the tag.  I got them at the Goodwill, three  of them for my three backporch windows.  Jackpot!!  I strung clothesline rope from hooks and added the old-fashioned clothespins just for fun.

Had to share this pic of my handsome son and his gorgeous girlfriend, holding their darling puppy.  They had just returned from dinner out, and were here to pick up the puppy after we babysat.  It's my only grandchild.  And I'd like to put a diaper on it.
And here is the door to my backyard shop, "Periwinkle, Too."  Just waiting to be filled back up for spring.  We want to add a little porch to the front, and a window where the window frame is hanging, pretending to BE a window.  Then I want pots of ivy to grow up and around everything.  I also want to paint the door periwinkle blue, which my husband said he didn't care as long as it would go with the color scheme of the house and garage.  Hmmm...  OF COURSE it won't go, but I think it would really POP, so I told him it would go great!  Sly, aren't I???
Here's a sad little shot of the inside, stripped bare after Christmas when I took all my stuff down to the Crafters' Boutique.  I've got to get my lazy you-know-what in gear and fill this back up.  Then I can have a spring invitation event!  I've actually never done that before, but I want to.  I love this little room attached to our garage, but I would REALLY love it if we could knock the wall out another six feet or so.  Then I could include a table and chairs for girlie crafting nights!
Well, as the post title implies, this was just a collection of whatever, and now I'm done.  See ya.

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