Friday, 8 February 2008

My Backporch

Here we have a couple of rather sad (as in blurry) pics of my backporch, where I keep some of my collections.  I was passionate for green Jadite for awhile. And also for old tins...  It looks like I need to tidy up my dear husband's collection of Bon Appetit mags!  Actually, though he is very supportive of my decorating, he would probably rather use these shelves for storage.  But it just looks so cute!

My sis bought me the old plastic cake carrier on the bottom shelf, probably at a yard sale.  She's the queen of yard sales-- she calls it the "Green Boutique."  

I also love old aprons, and these are just three.  I have more displayed, but it's too dark now to take more backporch pics.  I'll get in there tomorrow and snap away.  I want to show you my vintage potholder tree, which stays up all year 'round.
Better clean up first...  My husband doesn't understand all this posting of pics of the house.  When he saw my picture of our bedroom (pink door headboard, remember?) he said, "Wow, our bedroom hasn't looked like THAT in a long time, but of course, now that you've got a blog..."  Isn't he just a scream?  Yeah, whatever.  Wait til you hear what he said when he found me taking pics in the bathroom...

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