Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bunny by Day, Bunny by Night

I just put together this little spring vignette last night, and I'm still experimenting with taking pics.  In this case, I think I like the night time shot.  The day shot shows that lovely mess out in the driveway-- last summer we went to the Oregon coast for a week, leaving our 23 year old son in charge of dropping by to feed and water dogs, cats, take in the mail, etc.  

I jokingly said, "No parties at my house while we're gone!"  No worries, right?  Because he's got his own place.  Apparently his own place wasn't big enough, because when we returned, we could see the evidence of PARTY CENTRAL out in our yard.  He had set up volleyball standards, a "misting" tent,  tables and chairs for guests, and he had gotten hold of a huge screen and showed a MOVIE, all in our front yard!!!  I wonder how the neighbors felt about that.  They were gracious enough not to say anything... Oh, and he had made iced tea by pouring boiling water over tea bags, into my treasured vintage pitcher- which-looked- like- the-one-my-grandmother-had, and exploded the bottom right out of it!  :(  I think that was the worst part.

Anyway, you can still some of the remains of his party gear left in our driveway.  Not a pretty sight.  And not a pretty story.

I like to make the vignettes pretty from all sides, even though it has a definite front view.
Spring IS coming, you know.  Even though if you could take my camera and pan upwards, you would still see my giant ornament wreath hanging in the bay window.  Pitiful.  

Our school district is now on "winter break" over Presidents' Day weekend so I've got the family here to help get those Christmas things put away once and for all.  Of course if I wait long enough, I can just leave them up because Christmas always rolls round again, doesn't it??

Of course, 14 year old daughter just left with a group of friends for a movie, and husband is in the other room scanning his laptop for rentable movies that we haven't seen, so we'll see how much work actually gets done around here.

Maybe I need to just give up and get my lazy behind in gear.  I really don't need help, I just like to pretend it's someone else's fault for not getting done.  Have a lovely weekend!!!  I'm going to clean house and take more pics!

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