Friday, 8 February 2008

In The Mood

I'm in the mood to sew aprons for little girls.  I had a good day thrifting fabrics and old buttons, so I threw them all in the washer and dryer and then folded them up (the fabrics, not the buttons).  I love this pink button-- I found 4 of them.  Old pink buttons are like jewels to me!  I hoard them, love them, can't get enough of them.

I especially like the fabric with the little ballerinas on it.  So cute.
Pretty plunder...
I just heard that "Suzanne" on Designing Women put herself in a psychiatric hospital because she has problems with, among other things, HOARDING!!  I immediately thought of my stacks and stacks of old sheets, pillowcases, fabrics, etc. that are sitting around everywhere, even some still in their sacks from the thrift store!  Should I be worried??  (Not to make light of her condition, you understand), but I'm thinking I could probably share a room with her.

But then, I'll bet I'd have lots of company, huh?  It is some kind of sickness, I'm sure...

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