Monday, 11 February 2008


Still alive here, but siiiiccckkk this weekend.  Not getting too much done.  But I did find another cool picture of our house, taken in the early part of last century.  (Doesn't that sound funny?  Like, SO long ago).  This room was the parlour, with two large windows, a wide doorway into the dining room, and one (or maybe two) tall, skinny doors with a light above them on the wall, so you could enter from the front entryway.   These doors were removed and walled up before we moved in, but they're still in the attic.  I've wanted to re-install them, but then we would lose the only solid wall in the room, which we now use as the dining room. There used to be an old wood stove against this wall where you see the piano, and that was the only heat in the house, other than the kitchen stove (also wood).  Brrrr...

We have learned from meeting with people who were descendants of the original Webster family that there also used to be a back staircase from the kitchen to the maid's quarters upstairs.  Now it houses the air ducts for the furnace, so it's GONE.  That just makes me sick.
I would love to have a back staircase into the kitchen!  

One time we were so desperate to have a look at what might be left there, that we punched a hole in the wall with a drill, and just barely missed destroying some copper water pipes.  Oops.
And darn, no hidden staircase...
Oh, there are many tales of Webster house yet to tell.......

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