Thursday, 28 February 2008

I've Been Tagged By the Chick Who Lives in My Periwinkle Palace

Okay, Darly from daisyslittlecottage has tagged me and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Here are the rules:  
1.  When tagged, place the "tag-er" URL and name on your blog.
2.  Post rules on your blog.
3.  Post 7 different things about yourself.
4.  Name 7 of your favorite blogs.
5.  E-mail or leave a comment for those 7 people so they know they've been tagged.

Here goes:
1.  I can be very poised and polished when the situation calls for it, i.e. singing, speaking, teaching.  But I can turn on a dime and let my hair down with my bawdy sense of humor and leave people speechless.  Which is most of the time.

2. I love to read, and can't wait to get upstairs to bed so I can get back to my latest suspense thriller.

3.  I find it very hard to resist buying trashy rag sheets at the checkout stand in stores, even though I know they are fake, stupid, and perpetuate society's freaky obsession with celebrities.

4.  I love to hook rugs, and I taught myself a few years ago after a friend showed me the basics.  I have designed & hooked some of my own patterns.

5.  Singing is my all-time passion, and I have been a performer since I was a teenager.  And that's why I have to take a little break now to go watch American Idol.  Be back later.

6.  Okay, I'm back.  And those judges are idiots.  Ummm, let's see.... I seem to have the classic melancholy, artistic personality-- I'm a real recluse.  When I'm on-stage or in public, I'm a total extrovert and love to be the center of attention.  The rest of the time, I love to hide out, alone, and all my friends know better than to ever drop in on me, uninvited.  I'll run and hide.

7.  And this is a real confession to put out for all the world to see, but I have a bizarre fascination with white, powdery corn starch, and one of my strangest fantasies is to roll around in a great big vat of the stuff.  I know.  That's probably more than you ever wanted to know.  

There ya have it.  Now it's my turn to torture 7 other people, and I tried to mix up some old favs and some newer-to-me  bloggers.

Oops, that's only 6.  Oh well.  I'll go find another one.  Enjoy!

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