Tuesday, 19 February 2008

You're Not Gonna Believe This

Right now I'm loving this little chick with her big blue sunbonnet.  Easter is NEXT month and I'm still in winter mode.  I need to get out more, feel some sunshine...
Remember I had a little spin-out on the icy freeway last week?  Well, you're going to think I am a maniacal driver, because three days later (Saturday) I was involved in another car accident, here in town.  I had just dropped my daughter off at the bowling alley for her league practice and was sitting in the left-hand turn lane, waiting for the light to change.

All of a sudden a car zooms around the corner to go past me driving the other way, but instead of going past me, she rammed right into me, head-on.  Whoops.  Both cars looked like heck (I think mine is totalled), but nobody was hurt.  Thank you, God.  Not a fun day.

You know those awful Final Destination movies, where people's time is up, one by one, and they can't prevent what happens?  I sorta felt like that!  Since the accident on the pass didn't get me, maybe the "fates" were trying again on Saturday!  Thankfully, I don't believe in fate, so I figure that's nonsense, but it still creeps me out.  Now we are down to one automobile, a  huge pickup truck that sucks gas like a thirsty camel.  Once again, POOP!!

The only nice thing?  I'm on Vicodin for back and neck pain, and Vicodin makes me purr, and tell everyone in my life how much I love them...  I LOVE you guys, too!  Purrrrrrrrrr........

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