Thursday, 28 February 2008


A new apron, because two of them just flew the coop....

I just opened my Etsy Shoppe yesterday and today I shipped off my first orders to California and Tokyo, Japan.  Is that cool, or what?  When four of the six things I had for sale went bye-bye, I got so nervous, I ran upstairs and made another little girls apron!  I kinda wish my little girl was still little, so she could wear it.  Now that she's 14, she'd laugh herself silly.
With all the vertical seams from piecing fabrics together, I like to line it so it will look nice and neat.  I might have to make myself a big-girl apron, but somehow I don't think it would look quite as sweet on me...  this is the reverse side.  I guess you could wear it both ways, if your daughter doesn't mind fishing around underneath for the pocket!?
I'm out the door with daughter for Parents' Night at the high school--orientation for incoming freshmen!  How'd she get that old??
One last thing-- dear husband, the prude, thinks my #7 revelation about myself in my tag post was "a little too revealing!"  He should read what some of YOU write!

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